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About Staying Ageless

This Is How Our Story Began

Staying Ageless University was born out of my passion for learning and guiding clients on their healing journeys. I truly believe that the lasting health interventions must teach the client the "WHY" behind their new lifestyle in order for it to stick long-term. 

The programs offered on this site are full of things I have learned about holistic health since I began studying informally eleven years ago. The interventions recommended have all been proven to produce results with my past clients. I realized in my private practice that I was limited to seeing each individual one on one, and that I wanted a better way to help transform the health of many more lives. 

Thus, Staying Ageless University was born. Our team is excited to build a catalogue of programs that if you choose to commit to, will lead you down to path to optimal health and #stayingageless. 


Meet Our Team

Esosa E.



Gina cushenberry

Founder, Certified Nutrition Specialist & Behavioral Coach 

Social Media Manager

& Design Maven

Certified Nutrition Specialist and Course Content Creator

I'm passionate about offering the knowledge, interventions, and atmosphere that creates transformational healing. 

I'm passionate about creating authentic lifestyle content, leading a healthy and environmentally conscious life, and genuinely helping others. 

I'm passionate about nutrition and helping others develop healthy lifestyle changes that stick.

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