Frequently asked questions

When will the VIL (Very Important Learner) Program Be available?

The program will be avaiable once our team has launched our first five basic programs. The current basic programs include: Detox My Life and Candida & Parasites Be Gone! We estimated the VIL program will be available by March 2021 but please join our mailing list for updates.

Which programs are the Staying Ageless University signature programs?

Our signature programs are higher priced interactive learning programs that include a combination of one on one and group support. Currently our two signature programs include: Staying Ageless 30+ and Raw Girl's Hormonal Balance Academy. The signature programs are the only programs that will not be available as a VIL; these programs have to be paid for seperately.

What is a VIL (Very Important Learner)?

If you become a VIL you are essentially a VIP member of Staying Ageless University and you receive access to the entire Basic program catalogue for one year.

Do you provide refunds if I am unsatified with my purchase?

At Staying Ageless University we have a satisfaction guarantee. In the event you are unhappy with your purchase after ten days of beginning your program and completing the coursework for that time period, we will gladly provide a refund.